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Cross Country

Both Sam and Alice are running middle school cross country.  Today they had their first meet of the season in Leadville.  They both ran really well.  Unfortunately, Sam fell right before the finish line so he didn’t have a very good finish but we were so proud of both of them.  It is so fun to watch them excel and have fun doing it!  We also got to hang out with some great friends from Colorado Springs who were there for the meet as well. It was a perfect morning spending time with family and friends.









Happy Saturday.


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Growing Up

A couple weeks ago, I took out my littlest boy to get some updated pictures.  Every time I turn around, he just gets bigger.  He turned 7 this summer and is getting ready for second grade.   Time flies when you are lookin’ cute.








 Happy Monday.  Alice and Samuel started middle school today.  Paige and Mason start tomorrow.  I will post those back to school pictures…after I stop crying.



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We Heart Summer

This has been a pretty chill summer.  Of course, we started off with our big European trip and now we are just hanging out and playing.  A lot.  The kids have watched way too many movies and in between I have booted them out the door to ride their bikes or just enjoy being outside.  Today was GORGEOUS.  The weather was perfect so after getting some inside chores finished, the kids and I walked to the school funground.  They went back and forth on the monkey bars and I took pictures and read.  It was PERFECT.  After a nice walk home, Mason and Paige insisted they run in the sprinkler.  Of course, it didn’t last too long but by the sounds of all those squeals and shrieks, I think they had fun!

Happy Saturday.

A perfectly lazy afternoon….









Jumpin’ Bikes

We are so lucky to have a fantastic bike park super close to our house.  The  kids beg me, pretty much every day, to ride over to the bike park.  I have tried telling them that we do have to do some laundry this summer but they don’t get it;)  We usually pack a lunch and spend a couple of hours riding around.  I make them do a little trail riding and then reward them with tons of park time.  They are all getting a bit braver on the jumps.  Sam is doing really well and the girls aren’t too far behind.  Mason took his first try on the jumps, got some serious air and then had an epic  fall.  I didn’t get any pics of him riding because he was pretty sure staying on the pump track was good enough for him.  Maybe next time….

















Of course, there were no pictures of me jumping….because I really like to walk and breathe….

Happy Monday!




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Just One More Vacation Post {Venice, Italy}

I read an article today that listed the top ten cities in the world that were most worthy of a visit.  Venice was number 4.  I have to admit that while I thought Venice was super cool and I am thrilled that we made a quick stop there, I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more if about 75% of the people hadn’t.  It was definitely a bit of a tourist trap.  Aside from the amazing amount of people, it was hard not to fall in love with the narrow, winding walkways between ancient buildings and the ornate bridges that led the way over channels and waterways.  When the kids asked for a gondola ride, I couldn’t find a reason why we wouldn’t do it.  It was definitely worth every euro.  Expensive, yep.  Touristy, yep. Crazy cool.  Totally.  We only had a day and a half to see Venice and in my opinion, it was plenty of time.  Touring Venice was a great end to our fantastic European vacation.

The funny part about coming home was that when we left Italy it was warm and sunny and when we flew into Denver it was cold and rainy.  Even funnier was the fact that it was snowing at home.  In June.

So, here is a glimpse of Venice, Italy.  Enjoy.












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Camping {Turquoise Lake, Leadville}

The kids and I just arrived home from  a super fun couple days of camping in Leadville, CO.  After all the craziness last week, we were all ready for some serious down time (and a couple smores).  The kids really just wanted to play on the beach and I really just wanted to finish my book so it was a win-win for all of us!  We just got home and instead of unpacking and washing clothes, I am editing and posting pictures.

Happy Wednesday!  Long live summer!  May it never end….at least for a few more weeks…..














I truly believe that Turquoise Lake is a hidden gem. It is one of the most gorgeous spots in Colorado.  The camping sites are pretty much right on the sandy shore and the views are to die for.  This shot above was the sunset last night.  A storm was rolling by and the colors were unbelievable.   We are so blessed to be able to drive 35 minutes and get to a spot where we can unwind and relax.  The kids want to know…where are we going next week, Mom????

I hope you all are having a great week and finding some time to relax….


Love, Jennifer

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I interrupt the irregularly scheduled vacation pictures for a glimpse into our 4th of July fun…

Alternately titled….Longest post title ever.

We have had a very fun, very busy week.  Here are some pictures.  Parades, hikes, hangin’ by the res, biking, concerts….whew!  We always love this week but I think we might need a vacation from our crazy week!

Frisco 4th of July Parade….basically mayhem with candy and squirt guns.



Look out!  The sheriff is in town.



Our staff really got excited about the parade this year and their Wild West costumes were basically mustaches and fat bikes.  BTW, they stole the show….the fat bikes, that is.



Picnicking on Lake Dillon….all I can say is in the end we were stuck with one wet, muddy puppy and 4 even wetter and muddier kiddos.






Building sand castles….



I love Rosie’s eyes in the above pic.  She really wasn’t happy to come out of the water.  Trying to encourage a 50+ pound puppy to get out of the lake takes about 10 sumo wrestlers.  We had Sam.


Taking 6th of July pictures.

Yep.  The 4th is such a crazy day that I usually put it off for a couple of days.  The skids were less than helpful today during picture-taking so I didn’t get a ton of great ones.  So…here is what I did get.







There you have it.

A glimpse into our week.

Happy Sunday night….zzzzzz.


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….and more vacation {Budapest, Hungary}

Sorry I didn’t get right back to ya with my vacation pics.  Work, kids and a nasty cold kicked my butt and I am just now coming up for air. 

Soooo, moving on…..

We flew from Lithuania to meet the kids and the rest of my family in Budapest, Hungary.   The architecture in downtown Budapest is amazing, probably some of the prettiest I have ever seen.  The food was amazing and reminded me of the Hungarian dishes my grandmother made when we were little.  It was the only place that I ate meat….cabbage rolls, chicken paprikash, goulash…..and it was so worth it!  Friends of my parents were our fantastic hosts and gave us a wonderful tour of the city, including some places outside of Budapest.  I took a lot of pictures here.  It was hard not to.  The kids enjoyed the River Ride Bus.  Yep, a tour bus that plunges into the Danube halfway through the tour.  I could go on and on but I know that you are just here for the pictures:)

This is definitely a place where we will come back and spend some time.  Gorgeous country.  Beautiful people.













My brother and sister-in-love, Jeff and Stacie, enjoying a super yummy lunch in the market.


The River Bus as in drives into the Danube River.  Crazy.  The kids thought it was rad; I had a moment of pause.



My parents at their 50th anniversary dinner (with Violet and Paige).



The Jewish Holocaust memorial along the banks of the Danube.


Scott and I in front of the Parliament Building.


Grandma and her cuties:)



Part of our family and our wonderful Hungarian hosts.

Thank you George and Violet for showing us part of your beautiful country.  We loved it!

There is one more post about our vacation.  After saying goodbye to my parents in Budapest, the rest of us flew on to Venice. We were there for only a day and a half but it was definitely worth it!


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Vacation Continued {Lithuanian Style}

If you didn’t see my previous post, I am giving a bit of a country play by play on our European family vacation.  Read the post below for the Northern Italy portion.  

Scott and I and his parents left Milan a couple of days earlier than the rest of my family.  We flew to Vilnius, Lithuania to visit the birthplace of Scott’s great grandparents.  We stayed in the Old Town of Vilnius, right in the heart of the city.  It was a truly beautiful city.  We found it easy to find our way around town, walking most of the time we were there.  Lucky for us there was a festival happening right around the corner from our hotel so we got to see some traditional dress and heard a ton of songs.  Also, vendors were selling their wares and food around the festival.   On our first day, the weather was gorgeous and we logged a ton of miles checking out museums, castles and a lot of churches. I can’t remember the exact number of churches in Vilnius but I think it was like 62.   The second full day we had, the weather wasn’t so nice and it rained most of the day.  We decided to fight the weather and take the train out-of-town to visit Trakai.  I didn’t take any pics here because of sideways blowing rains.  We toured an old castle out on an island at the end of town.

Scott and I were really not sure what to expect when we arrived in Vilnius.  Because it was once a Soviet occupied country, we weren’t completely sure what we were getting into and we were more than pleasantly surprised.  The architecture was beautiful, the people friendly and with little or no crime, it was easy to walk the city streets until late in the evening.  Here are a few of the pictures of our first day.









Beetroot soup.  A traditional cold soup that we saw on many menus.


photo 1

Zeppelins.  Another traditional dish. A whole potato with meat on the inside.  The consensus was that it sort of tasted like a Kolinski family dish, Lithuanian Kugelis.

photo 4

Tomorrow….Budapest, Hungary.  In Budapest, we ate well, drank lots of yummy beer and wine and saw some amazing things.

Stay tuned…..


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European Vacation {Northern Italy}

Last weekend we got home from our much-anticipated European family vacation.  My parents so generously took our entire family to Italy and Hungary to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  We enjoyed every minute of it and saw so many beautiful and interesting things.  We started our trip in northern Italy.  We flew into Milan and then drove to Morgex, which sits at the base of Mount Blanc.  We did a couple gorgeous hikes, visited some castles, drove mountain passes and even got a chance to visit Chamonix, France.  We ate really well and enjoyed a bit of wine too:)  I had a blast taking a few (674) pictures.  Here are a few of the shots I got around northern Italy.




Mason peeks into an old chapel along the side of the road.






One of my favorite moments just hanging out in Morgex.  My mom (and dad, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brothers, etc.) had a blast riding on the zip line at the village park.



Of course, we had to try the macaroons while we were in France.



Chamonix, France




Alice and Paige standing in front of our mountain house in Morgex, Italy.




Grandma Peggy and Grandma Marilyn.  Scott’s parents also went along with us on the trip.



Celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss:)






My brother, Jeff, helping my mom down the steep part of the trail.




Mount Blanc and the surrounding mountains.





Alice and my niece, Madison, having some fun with the prawns.  Our kids actually ate the eyeballs!


Sam hanging out in front of the book store.  Of course.  Where else would he be?  :)




The kids enjoying a park and fields in Cogne, Italy.


So, if you are still with me after all those photos, you got a not so quick glance at some of the beautiful places we visited.  In all their travels, this was one of the places that my parents really loved and wanted us all to experience.  It did not disappoint:) Thanks Mom and Dad for giving us this amazing experience.   Seeing it through our kids eyes was so cool.

Tomorrow……Lithuania.  My parents took our kids and flew to Budapest and Scott and I took his parents to Vilnius, Lithuania for a couple days.  Scott’s great grandparents were born there so we decided that while we were so close it would be great to take Scott’s mom to see where her grandparents lived.  Another super cool place.

Happy Saturday night.





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