Family Adventures {Mexico}

For our spring break, we decided to pack up the car and drive to the beach….in Mexico.  It was an easy 15 hour drive through Colorado, Utah, Arizona and then a little over an hour into Mexico. We stayed in a timeshare about 30 minutes from the small town of Puerto Penasco.  It is a pretty chill place which was perfect for our beach lovin’ family.  We found tons of shells, made sand castles and relaxed like crazy.  We did get a chance to get out on our paddleboards a few times and splurged on a swim with sea lions.



Because we were on the Sea of Cortez (and not the big ocean) the shells were amazing.  We even found a ton of shells with creatures still in them!  We threw those back in:)  Scott found a clam shell with a baby octopus hiding in it.  I wish I had a picture of all four of the kids on their bellies, watching the octopus move around in the water (he even shot out some ink….).  Don’t worry, we made sure he was back in the water, safe and sound.



We were pretty much the only people on the beach all week.  It was breezy and cooler (80 degrees) which kept most others away from the water.


One of the highlights of our trip was a boat ride out to an island inhabited only by birds and sea lions.



One last picture on the deck of our resort before we headed back to the snowy mountains.


Of course we had to stop at the Four Corners on our way home.  We did have plans to go to the Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde but the weather was not cooperating.


The huge estuary behind our timeshare.  We put our paddleboards in here where it was calmer.  We were lucky to see tons of sting rays, jumping bone fish and lots of crab.



Selfie on the beach with my two mini-me’s.  While the other three went back out on the paddleboards, we packed up our dinner and had a picnic on the beach.


30 minutes from home but our minds were still on the beach.  Blizzard at home dropped over a foot of snow.  Re-entry was hard.

Now back to school for the final push to the end of the year.  We can do it! Scott and the kids took a ton of GoPro footage so hopefully we can get that up soon.

Happy Birthday Paige {Eleven}


Happy birthday to our little Paigie.  She turned eleven last week but she and I have been under the weather so I am just getting around to posting.  The day before her big day she had two friends stay the night and then we took our kids and Paige’s friends to Denver to the indoor water park.  Unfortunately, Paige was starting to not feel well and she mostly stayed in the hot tub. Thank goodness she took two friends, as they had to keep each other company.  By her actual birthday, she was horizontal on the couch with a fever and cough.  She wanted rainbow pancakes for breakfast and a chocolate cake for dessert but didn’t really feel well enough to enjoy them.



She finally went back to school on Thursday and I am now working on peeling myself off the couch.  Ugh, being sick stinks.  Here’s to a better next week!



Winter Break…Coming to an End.

Tomorrow we have to get back to business.  Kids back to school and mom back to work.  It was a fun week just hanging out at home.  Many of our friends headed to warmer places but we decided to hang out here and really enjoy the time off.  We nordic skied, down hill skied with grandpa, went to the movies, ate lunch out, spent time in Colorado Springs, stayed in our jammies all day and relaxed! Looking forward to spring break!  Ha!


I said….Go outside and get some fresh air!  They ran around for a few minutes and then ran back inside to warm up.  We were looking forward to warmer weather in the Springs but it was about the same as home…cold. Obviously, COS didn’t get the memo that we wanted warm weather!


Alice helping grandma make soup for dinner.

Now we are not only back to school but play practice and voice lessons for Alice, karate for Mason (working really hard on his next belt), bike and run training for Sam, Alice and Paige and drum lessons for Paige (she is turning into a little rocker!).

Wow! It is going to be a great spring!



Alice and I celebrating after her very first musical audition.  She rocked it and got a part in the Little Mermaid Jr. It was wayyyyy out of her comfort zone and I am so proud of her for working really hard and doing her best!


Alice also worked really hard last semester and made the top honor roll at school.  She was rewarded with double piercings in her ears!


Now that I am old and have to wear glasses, Paige and I are twinsies.  She is most definitely the cuter, younger version:)


We are loving these blue bird ski days for sure!  Family nordic day.


Lunch break after a fun morning of skiing with grandpa at A-Basin.  Another beautiful ski day!

We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful place where we can work hard and play even harder!  Love where you live!

Happy Sunday!



Ashes {Photography}

This year, I was hoping to do a 40 days of Lent photography challenge.  The kids and I decided a few years ago that it didn’t really work for us to give something up for Lent and instead we try and take something on.  Last year, we tried to do a couple random acts of kindness every Sunday in Lent (and hopefully continue on).  Well, we all know my track record with blog posting so I am going to do my best and hit as many as I can.  The first photo was of ASHES. 

Ashes are ceremonially placed on the heads of Christians on Ash Wednesday, either by being sprinkled over their heads or, in English-speaking countries, more often by being marked on their foreheads as a visible cross. The words (based on Genesis 3:19) used traditionally to accompany this gesture are:

Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.

Since the only place I might find ashes is in our fireplace and our fireplace almost always has a FIRE in it, my pic of ashes are still a bit hot:)


Happy Season of Lent!

(I promise the next pictures will have grandchildren in them!!)


Valentine’s Day.

Today has been a pretty quiet day. We got up and headed to church this morning and the kids have been watching movies for most of the day. Yesterday Sam has his last Nordic race over in Leadville and Alice had her first ever audition for a local musical. She was super nervous but she sang beautifully and got a callback slip after only one song ( she had to prepare for three). I will keep you posted as tomorrow are the callback auditions.

Scott and I got out for a Valentine’s Day bike ride this afternoon. It was so gorgeous with the snow falling.    


Happy Sunday!


Ski Racing {Nordic}

Sam and Alice had another nordic ski race this weekend in Steamboat Springs.  We headed up very early on Saturday morning so that we could see them both race.  It was a classic race with an individually seeded start, which basically means they didn’t mass start and we could see each of our kids start and finish.  They both skied well and continue to improve and even more importantly, they both LOVE it!


Alice getting ready to start and (below) pushing out of the start gate.




Sam skiing into the finish.


Mason created this awesome snowman while he was waiting for the kids to finish their races.  There was sooo much snow in Steamboat and it was perfect for packing snowballs and making snowpeople:)

After the races, we took advantage of being in Steamboat SPRINGS and headed out to the Strawberry Hot Springs.  It was a gorgeous drive up to the springs and the amount of snow was so amazing.



I am sure the hot springs felt awesome on those sore muscles!  It actually felt good to all of us!  After we had all officially turned into prunes, we headed into town for a quick lunch before heading home.  It was another great day spent with family and friends.   Back to school and work tomorrow.  We are getting hit with a pretty big storm right now so hopefully we will wake up to a foot or so of snow.  Fingers crossed!!!!!


3rd Grade Scientist

Mason’s class finished up their science unit today with experiments that they have been researching. Every child researched, planned, wrote about and followed through with a different experiment. One teacher, 15 scientists, 15 different experiments, all working at the same time…wow!