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Puppy Party {1st Birthday}

Yep.  That’s right.  We went to a puppy birthday party.  This was not just any puppy party….it was Rosie’s party (and the other pups in her litter).  There was ice-cream cake, party hats, leis and lots of puppy playtime.  It was pretty cute and a great way to get ten Newfoundlands all together in one spot. Many thanks to Marcy for hosting and Victoria for organizing.  I have to admit that this was probably the only dog birthday party I have ever attended.  Probably the last…

Enjoy the total puppy cuteness.

We all fell in love with Gus, the newest (12 week old) puppy.  Adorable.



Running Max.  Small in stature but not lacking in cuteness.



The kids had a blast watching the dogs play in the snow.  Of course, our dog loves the snow.  Thank goodness.



Big daddy, Zander.  He is a gorgeous Newfoundland.



Mama Bella.  She tried really hard to stay out of the mix but her puppies really like to antagonize her.



Another picture of Gus.  He was just so photogenic…



Those eyes…



Mama with her birthday bow.  She was a good sport….for a minute.



Lily kept her eye on the party from her spot in the kitchen.


Here’s our birthday girl.  She loved that lei so much, she ate it.



Rosie watching Max get his ice cream from a fork.  Jealous much?



Gracie keeping her eye on her sisters.





Happy Birthday, Rosie!!!!!

Happy Sunday to you all!


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Spontaneous Combustion

Buh-Bye Christmas Tree.

photo (2)

Probably one of my favorite evenings in Frisco is the annual burning of the Christmas trees.  Everybody dumps their tree in to one big pile and then about a month later the town sets them all on fire. It is a super fun community event and slightly bananas.  The kids sled on an enormous snow pile and the adults stand around trying not to lose another down puffy to the raining embers.  Unfortunately, Mason was sick so Scott drew the short straw and stayed home.  After about two hours of throwing trees on the fire, the town sets off fireworks from the marina to end the evening.

Always a good time, Frisco.  Until next year.  Now, where did I put that k-tape?……..

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Race to the End

Alice had her last nordic race of the season today.  She skied really well.  It is so cool to see her improvement week to week.  Way to go Alice!  It was a gorgeous morning, 50 degrees and sunny, perfect!






These kids work so hard and really push themselves up and down serious hills.  They sure do make it look easy but we know it takes a ton of work….

Happy Saturday!  Looking forward to Spontaneous Combustion tonight (as long as everyone stays upright and healthy):)


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January…Where did you go?

Wow, has it really been two whole weeks since I have posted?  I have been trying to get back to this blog for a few days but nordic skiing, alpine skiing, taekwondo, and basketball have been taking up a lot of my time.  When you add in work, we are going all the time.  Did I tell you that I started a new job at the beginning of the month?  Well, I did.  I started working at the local elementary school four days a week as a special needs paraprofessional.  I LOVE the challenge and the extra bit of money isn’t bad either:)  Regardless of how busy we stay, we try to save time to enjoy the things we love like playing outside, going to church and spending time as a family.  Last weekend, Scott and Sam went out for an early morning skin up Copper Mountain and brought us back some yummy donuts.  Because I am not allowed to post without kid pictures….

Mason…enjoying his sprinkled donut!!!




Happy Sunday.  I hope you all have a super week with lots of glorious snow (and some sun too)!!!


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Monday Night Fun

Monday evenings are usually pretty quiet around here but last night we were b.u.s.y.  Paige had her first basketball game.  Unfortunately, only three out of seven players showed up for the game so the ones that showed played for the full hour.  They worked really hard and were tired when it was over:)


Mason had a taekwondo test for his yellow belt as well so we hustled right from the game to his testing. He did great and knew all the moves in his form. He is really enjoying this new activity and taking it very seriously.


And now it is Tuesday!  I hope you all have a great day!



Gettin’ warmed up after a long day of skiing.


Hot chocolate really hits the spot!




Happy Sunday Funday to you all!


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Another Weekend, Another Nordic Ski Race…



Alice and a teammate waiting in the chute for their start.  They were one and two to go (every 15 seconds).



I love this picture of Alice.  This was the face she made after she came through the finish.  She left it all out on the course and we are so proud of her.  She is definitely getting faster and is really enjoying nordic racing.




Sam had an alpine race on Friday but Scott and I both had to work so we were unable to see him race.  He had a ton of fun, stayed up on his skis and had a pretty good course time.  We are hoping to get to the next race and I can get some pics.

Happy Saturday,


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It’s a new year!  Everybody loves a fresh start.  January is always a time for us to sit back and take a deep breath.  December is a busy time for most but because the holidays is our busiest time at work, it seems like we don’t get a chance to really rest and reflect until after the New Year has started.

This year….

I want to take better pictures. I am going to use some Christmas money and take a photography class.

I am going to buy less processed and make more homemade.  Hummus…salsa…nut butters…falafel…

I am going to run two half marathons.

I am going to put my phone/computer/iPad down and play more with my kids.

I am going to start lifting weights, along with running (well, I am not getting any younger).

There you have it, in writing:)  

Happy New Year!  May 2015 be full of joy (and some wine…).


(obligatory grandparent picture)



Happy New Year!!!!!

As usual we had a pretty low-key New Years Eve.  Our dear friends came up to the county to ski so we were lucky enough to spend the evening with them.  We had a quick (but not quiet; seven kids) dinner at our house and then we all headed up to Copper to watch the fireworks.  It was super cold but we warmed up with some hot chocolate/cider and watched a great show.  The next day we all skied together at A-Basin.  It was another cold, blustery day but skiing with friends made it all worthwhile.  We had a ton of fun, laughed a lot and froze our tushies off.



These kids have been friends for most of their lives.




Love my friend and running buddy!  It was so fun to catch up:)


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Summit County Christmas

Due to owning a retail store, we usually need to stay pretty close to home around Christmas.  Although it would be great to be with family, we always make the best of it and enjoy our time together.  Some years we have hiked on Christmas Day, others we have gone on a snowshoe.  This year, mainly because everyone received new hockey sticks and pucks, we headed to the skating pond.  As it was the first time on our skates this season, we were all a bit rusty.  We played a mean game of three on three. Girls v. Boys.  The girls lost 5-1 but it didn’t help that one of the players sat in the snow bank and ate snow off of her gloves for most of the time:)  There was lots of laughter and we all went home with smiles and some sore behinds.

Merry Christmas.









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