I love that all my kids adore reading.  What I really love it that Mason is now reading good books.  No more Flat Stanley and Magic Tree House….now we are on to The Twits and The BFG.  So refreshing!

DSC_5829_edited-1 DSC_5843_edited-1 DSC_5854_edited-1

I also love the way Mason holds his book.  With his feet:)


Ski Racing {Nordic}


Sam and Alice had another nordic ski race this weekend in Steamboat Springs.  We headed up very early on Saturday morning so that we could see them both race.  It was a classic race with an individually seeded start, which basically means they didn’t mass start and we could see each of our kids start and finish.  They both skied well and continue to improve and even more importantly, they both LOVE it!


Alice getting ready to start and (below) pushing out of the start gate.




Sam skiing into the finish.


Mason created this awesome snowman while he was waiting for the kids to finish their races.  There was sooo much snow in Steamboat and it was perfect for packing snowballs and making snowpeople:)

After the races, we took advantage of being in Steamboat SPRINGS and headed out to the Strawberry Hot Springs.  It was a gorgeous drive up to the springs and the amount of snow was so amazing.



I am sure the hot springs felt awesome on those sore muscles!  It actually felt good to all of us!  After we had all officially turned into prunes, we headed into town for a quick lunch before heading home.  It was another great day spent with family and friends.   Back to school and work tomorrow.  We are getting hit with a pretty big storm right now so hopefully we will wake up to a foot or so of snow.  Fingers crossed!!!!!


Frisco Brewski 2016


This past weekend the kiddos didn’t have a ski meet so we were freeeeeeeee!  Sam had an awesome day at Keystone with four of his friends.  I love that he is now old enough to ski alone with his buds.  He has fantastic friends and I am very comfortable with leaving them to ski for the day.  Of course, they are fourteen… I am sure they are not totally innocent:)   While Scott got some work done, Alice and I went to the middle school to watch Ellie’s basketball game.

In the afternoon, the Young’s dropped their kids at our house and the adults headed to the Frisco Nordic Center for the First Annual Frisco Brewski.  It could not have been a more perfect day! We skied around the nordic center, sampling beer and laughing til we fell down (mostly me).  Scott, of course, crushed us all on skis!  It was a fun day.  Everybody at the brewski dressed in costumes, ranging from Big Bird to Stormtroopers.  Here are a few of the pics taken.

Frisco  Brewski

I was slightly outnumbered by these Spartans, but believe it or not, I got more Chippewa call outs!

I think it was the cape:)

Frisco Brewski 2

Frisco Brewski 3

Frisco Brewski 4

Happy Tuesday!  Looking forward to another beautiful day!

Bring It January.


To all the moms out there…can I get an AMEN?  Not only does every activity overlap in January but we also have to contend with snow and cold (Brandie, you are one of the lucky ones, my little Cali friend).  Actually, we love the snow but it does add a degree of difficulty when you are jetting from one place to another!  And it has been COLD here.  Last week I was so tired of working out inside that I braved the weather and Rosie and I went for a short nordic ski.  It wasn’t too bad as long as you kept moving!  Thank goodness I started out uphill.

This past week all four kiddos had nordic skiing after school.  Mason had karate and percussion club and Paige had her first basketball game.  I was a driving fool.  Or a fool driving?  Whatever.

Displaying IMG_2972.JPGDisplaying IMG_2972.JPGIMG_2972


Sorry about the awful basketball pictures.  I took them with my phone and those girls won’t stop for a picture.  I can’t imagine why?!?? Paige is #1 in red.


Mason lost his battle with sleep and was out the entire drive to the middle school nordic ski race on Saturday morning. It’s okay because he was just recharging his batteries for the day.  I do have a few pictures of the classic ski races but they are on Scott’s phone and he is currently skiing uphill with Sam and Alice (by headlamp).  Sam really enjoyed his first classic race and skied so well! Alice has improved so much and she had a great race too.

This morning Scott and I got out for a beautiful ski tour on Vail Pass.  It has been snowing here for about three days and the snow if fantastic.  As we skinned up, the snow was up to our knees and coming down was so much fun because it was just so deep!  It was a fun ski date for sure!  We are surely counting our blessing and being able to live in the mountains is definitely at the top of that list!!

Happy Sunday!



December Pictures…Straight out of the Camera….


There isn’t much to say except that I do take some pictures with my phone.  The kids take about a 1000 times more but those are usually weird selfies with funny graphics.  Here are a few pics I snapped from the good ole’ I Phone.

phone pic 2

Sam wasn’t excited to see Star Wars….at all.

phone pic 3

It’s been a little bit chilly around here.  We’re hoping it warms up.  Soon.

phone pic 4

The selfie stick is pretty fun.  Rosie even got in on the excitement.

phone pic 5

Scott and Sam in their first uphill Skimo race.  Go up, ski down, go up again, ski down.  Go up….well, you get the point. And they do this at 7 am on a Tuesday morning!

phone pic

Mason and mama waiting on the others after a long day of skiing at A-Basin.  He is still smiling and that is so good!


Off to the Races {Nordic}


We had our first middle school nordic ski race yesterday.  It was ridiculously cold (like 18 degrees cold) and blowing.  Sam has decided to race nordic this year instead of racing alpine, which has made our life soooo much easier.  Because most of the alpine/downhill races are on Fridays, Sam was missing a lot of school and schoolwork. He made the choice to focus on his academics.  He is still learning to skate ski so he didn’t finish as well as he would have hoped.  Alice had an okay race but her fingers and toes were frozen by the time she finished and let’s just say that she wasn’t a happy camper.  Overall, it was a fine first start to the season.  I am praying for a warmer next race!


Alice’s final push into the finish.


The middle school boys start.  Sam is in that group of boys.  Spandex and below freezing temps don’t mix well!

We came home and warmed up by the fireplace.  After dinner, we headed back out into the frozen tundra for (my favorite day of the year) the Spontaneous Combustion.  The day each year that the town of Frisco burns everybody’s Christmas trees in an enormous bonfire.  The town ends the night with fireworks.  Love it!!!


Happy Sunday!