Getting Outside


If you have been reading my blog for more than a second, you know that we love to be outside.  We probably spend just as much time outdoors in the winter as we do in the summer.  My biggest tip (which I learned when we moved to the snowy mountains) was to always wear good warm gear.  Even if I didn’t own a gear store, I would still tell you to wear good stuff.  I am always cold and as anyone who knows me will tell you, I wear my down coat outside AND inside!

I love this time of year.  Snow is covering the mountain tops, the air is crisp and winter is definitely taking residence.  This year we are looking forward to getting outside more on our nordic skis and exploring the backcountry for some great kid friendly trails.  Scott is enjoying riding his fat bike and we both love to get up early and go for a snowy run!

I hope you are embracing the new snow and all that winter has in store!





On this adventure, we headed up the path and then up the mountain to check on the ice flows.  No ice yet but we did find lots of snowy rocks and had some good practice with “three points of contact” hiking!  It was a great afternoon to be outside.


Happy Birthday Sam {14}


Happy day to our oldest kiddo.  I cannot believe that we have a 14-year-old.  Seriously crazy.  Sam is an awesome kid.  He is sweet, kind, smart, empathetic, responsible, loves school (most of the time) and adores skiing and riding his mountain bike.  He can run like the wind and I no longer can even keep him in sight .  He still loves to build with his Legos.  Now that he has read everything on our bookshelf,  he is starting to read the classics and just finished Lord of the Flies. I am blessed to call him my son and I couldn’t be prouder of him!  Happy birthday Sam Man!

This year, Sam’s birthday was a little quieter.  Usually we make the trip to Denver to the Museum of Nature and History but an accident on the snowy highway turned us around halfway so instead we enjoyed a sushi lunch and watched a movie at home.

Love you!

Mom, Dad, Alice, Paige and Mason


Running Date


This morning Scott and I got out for a few miles of trail running. We tried out a new to us trail and we will definitely be going back.  As we climbed (and climbed) and the sun was coming up, the views just kept getting better.  Scott was pretty sure we climbed about 2000 feet in 3 miles or so.  Beautiful!





Happy Sunday to you all! 

Getting our pumpkins today…fall is here and winter not too far behind! 


Best Buddies Forever


Just about once a year we get together with our China travel companions. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends living so close.  Jay and Kristen and their two kiddos live down in Denver and always make it a point to give us a call when they are in our area.  Mason and Kyra were adopted from the same region in China and we were so lucky to be able to spend that time in China with such awesome people.  Because we went through the adoption journey together, we are surely bonded as family:)

Here is one of the first pics taken after our precious babies came home…Hard to believe it’s been 6 1/2 years!

mason and kyra

Here is our latest round of pictures. It sure is hard to get a good pictures of two busy third graders!




They are still precious:)

Happy Monday.




Camping at Lake Granby….running, biking, paddling…..


Last weekend, Sam and Alice had a cross-country meet at Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby so we decided to make a weekend out of it and camp.  Both of the kids finished so well. Sam finished 8th overall and Alice finished 2nd.  Alice led the entire race and was beat at the finish line. She was pretty upset (and so was I) but she definitely learned that she has to sprint through the finish:) We enjoyed the weekend away.  The leaves were turning and so beautiful.  Scott and the kids got out for a nice bike ride, we spent one whole afternoon taking turns on the SUP and I got to sit in my chair by the fire and finish a book.  Perfect.








Everybody had fun in the lake, especially Rosie:)

The End of Our Summer…


I see that my last post was on….ahem…..August 6th.  Since I didn’t give any updates on the end of our summer, I guess I should do that now.  Once that is done, I can give updates on September:)

We had an awesome end to summer. The kids and Scott finished up mountain bike racing and by the end of summer, everybody (but the photographer) was racing. It was so much fun to watch my family doing what they love!  Sorry, only girl pics this time:)

DSC_5053_edited-1 DSC_4952_edited-1

We always love it when the USA Pro Challenge comes to the county.  Scott and the girls were asked to award a jersey to one of the female riders.  This was super special because it was the inaugural year for the female riders in the Pro Challenge.  I love that my girls could watch not only the men but some seriously strong female riders. Sam donned a tutu and fuzzy hat for the Funkadelic Pond Skimming Challenge.  He made it all the way across on his first try and took an epic swim on his second.  Great fun for riders and spectators:)

DSC_5131_edited-1 DSC_5142_edited-1 DSC_4638_edited-1 DSC_4658_edited-1 DSC_4669_edited-1 DSC_5154

We even took some time out to get our arts and culture on.  We spent an afternoon in Breckenridge checking out the blue trees (Deforestation awareness) and the flying dancers (probably not their real names) from Australia.

DSC_5087_edited-1 DSC_5091_edited-1

We got in a few concerts around the county and tried to spend as much time together as possible before the first day of school.

Happy September to you all!